Welcome to Peak Experience

Peak Experience has been close to my heart since 1978 when my work as a journalist brought me into contact with many notable and accomplished people in the context of sports. As a result of the interview process, they discovered their knowledge of peak and other topics we discussed had expanded and they thanked me for that. Then in 1982 I travelled three months in the USA to find out what other professionals knew about Peak Experience, especially in relation to sports. This trip included visits to universities, to Esalen Institute and the USA Olympic training camp in Colorado Springs.

Funded by a grant I wrote, I was able to spend an extended time in Los Angeles where I attended the 1984 Olympic Games and interviewed 25 former Gold Medal winners. This experience inspired a new starting point for developing and using the concept of Peak – a term coined by Abraham Maslow.

In the practice of Bodynamics the energy in Peak experience has been used as a resource for healing Shock-Trauma – but I deeply enjoy making use of all the
wonderful energy that is “hidden” but ultimately accessible, and help others integrate it into their lives – thus increasing overall Life Quality.
Such is the focus of this new institute.

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