Two very NEW different programs have begun, one with
Erik and one with Erik and Ginger together – after 13 years of various Bodynamic training programs with Lisbeth Marcher and Erik as the main trainers.
The first new program deals with “muscle-work”, which includes specific muscles and the psychological content from each developmental age level. This knowledge will be combined with Erik’s communication model, “the Bodyknot” and with his therapy model “T1-6” – so that participants can learn to use the material in their own work as psychotherapists. In short, Erik is sharing his understanding of Bodynamic material with this unique new blend. Erik is the main trainer in cooperation with three Russian assistants and organizers.

The second offering is called “Life Quality and Sensory Awareness”, and the focus is on learning to sense yourself in many different ways including different models and concepts – like Peak Experience and Bodyknot – that all foster improvement in participants’ Life Quality and in the lives of their clients and families. Erik and Ginger are the main trainers in concert with four organizers